Appraisal - Valuation

The property that you intend to sell or to buy (through a mortgage) must be appraised by a professional. We offer an “agreement for appraisal services” carried out by a professional in the industry. We will consider all the parameters to ensure an accurate and precise valuation that takes into account the real value and the market price of the property.

·       The location of the property, its environment, the surrounding amenities.

·       The current state of the market.

·       The architecture and the overall state of the house, including any cost of refurbishment.

·       Any legal circumstances that may affect the value of the house: usufruct, regulated rent, encumbrances or special provisions.

Various documents are needed for the appraisal-valuation :

·       A cadastral map.

·       The land registry short-form certificate of the parcel (+ the base parcel of the PPE/ co-ownership by floor).

·       A copy of the insurance policy.

·       Floor plans.

·       A copy of the PPE bylaws.

·       A copy of the financial accounts and the minutes of the PPE.

·       If applicable: the rental status and copies of the rental agreements.